L&D Coaching Theme – Inertia Tacking

Teaching correct tacking to young minds is a challenge and we have a process improvement model at Mounts Bay where techniques from Olympic level sailors, where appropriate, can be filtered down to sailors to learn at a very early age.  This provides our sailors with a great foundation that doesn’t require technique correction later in life.

An example here was some tacking technique noticed in some of the sailors in the comp squad.

The concept is fairly simple.  It requires  moving from one side of the boat to the other without a pause.  This movement creates an inertia that generates more force and righting moment which is both more powerful for all sailors and also helps keep the airflow stable on the sails and water flow stable on the hull and foils.  The extra energy by creating inertia in the movement can help younger smaller sailors prevent capsizing.

We spent a lot of time on the beach in the last couple of sessions and the comp squad sailors were eagerly thinking how they could apply this technique to advanced tacking such as roll tacks. (Well done Sam…)

As a coaching group we discuss ways to implement drills to improve skills like this and help our sailors at all levels.

Below is a nice example of a Bic sailors staying on her feet until completely tacked and under the straps.

This will continue to be a theme over the coming weeks.


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