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Experience the wonder and amazement being with your child as they unlock the puzzles of sailing in an ever changing environment of wind and water, rules, strategy and tactics, friendships that last a lifetime.

Learning & Development


Our Learning &Development (L& D) program is a practical way to help your child discover life experiences in a truly great transition from learning to sail to being in control.


The program draws from a talent pool of coaches including Australian Sailing’s 49erFX Sailor, Caitlin Elks, international and national athletes and coaches. The focus is on gaining and building key skills to help the sailors evolve into confident sailors that will feel at home in any fun or competitive sailing environment they choose.

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1. Starter Squad
Children aged 7-10 learn to sail in the “Starter Squad” over a 10 week period, some may take longer. There is no pressure. Learning to sail includes game play to build confidence, lots of kids, friendships. A “Starter Squad” fee applies which includes complimentary membership, use of the club boats and a life jacket.
Graduates are accredited with Yachting Australia Discover Sailing 1&2.
Children who enjoy the “Starter Squad” can graduate to the “Race Ready Squad”, no further L&D fees apply for members.
2. Race Ready Squad
The Race Ready Squad is for sailors who have learnt the basics and are new ready to lay the foundations for competition as they learn to sail, race and compete. There is a focus on learning skills in a fun environment to apply to racing when they are ready. The Open Bic is a fun and exciting new class, ideal for the fast fun packed drills and is the primary class in this program.
Graduates are accredited with Yachting Australia Discover Sailing – Better Sailing.
3. Competition Squad
Having accomplished a range of skills, the sailors will be ready to tackle a competitive sailing environment in both the single handed Open Bic and double handed Flying Ant. Many sailors may sail both boats and will evolve with a solid foundation of skills to compete at a high level.
Graduates are accredited with Yachting Australia Discover Sailing – Start Racing and Better Racing.
L & D Pathway

L & D Pathway

We understand that you want to try sailing before you commit, come down Sunday and see what it is all about.

Parents are welcome to participate in various volunteer support activities, or just relax and enjoy the spectacle. L&D program is now run after school weekly and 9.00am before racing on Sundays.


Joining L&D

Come and Join

Join by clicking the joining L&D button or for more information call the club or come down on a Sunday morning at 8:45am. (Fees are due by the third session.)