MBSC Learning and Development builds competence and confidence.

Changing the way young sailors develop through MBSC L&D Program was always about providing value to its members. This program offers something very special.

Competence and confidence are central to everything if sailors are to enjoy, develop and stay in the sport. Competence and confidence hearten, nourish, inspire, encourage, pride. A young sailor might say ‘I am in control’, ‘I am progressing’, to peers ‘I am OK’. These ideals are central to the L&D structure and operating environment, so special to each sailor, coach and volunteer.

So how do we at MBSC create competent and confident sailors?

The L&D program combines a curriculum, managed stages of development with best practice and experienced coaches.  Each stage of development is subject to improvement.  Close support for each squad is provided through coaches and volunteers. The first 3 stages of development are:

[accordion title=”1. Starter Squad”]
For new sailors in the Starter Squad competence and confidence is about getting control of an Optimist dinghy, correct positioning in the boat, hand and foot movements. Game playing is part of teaching and about enjoyment of the sport, sailing should be fun.
[accordion title=”2. Race Ready Squad”]
Sailors progressing to the Race Ready Squad expand their sailing horizons in their first boat, a BIC or a Mudlark (loaned or purchased).  Early work with correct positioning, hand and foot movements will help the focus shift to complex sailing manoeuvres in light and and moderate winds. Games might include ‘sailing water polo’, ‘sailing backwards’, ‘rudderless sailing’ or ‘walking the boat’. Informal racing will be introduced with training drills.  Time is allowed to build confidence, sailors might take two or more years to demonstrate readiness for the Competition Squad.
[accordion title=”3. Competition Squad”]
BIC’s and Flying Ants develop around formal racing, sailors adopt problem skills, new ideas are introduced at training to be tested in Sunday Racing. Standards of behaviour, rules and conduct on the course feature in all aspects. Because of the early work in boat control, MBSC sailors will be emerging among the most competent sailors by comparison with other clubs. Sailors begin to adapt their individual sailing techniques and their boats to conditions as they learn more about wind and water. Tactics and strategy are deployed as sailors find new ways to challenge each other.

[image title=”L & D Pathway” lightbox=”true” height=”400″]http://www.mbsc.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Final-A4-Flyer-5.jpg[/image]

By aged 13 these sailors will have a strong foundations for sailing, by any standard in the world. A hallmark of MBSC L&D program will be competent and confident sailors.


From talented Mounts Bay junior to the Rio Olympics – Carrie Smith


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