MBSC was excited to launch its L&D program last season, Five months later it had the largest Bic Fleet in the state, 10 months later 4 of those Bic sailors had invitations to Yachting WA’s elite ‘Westsail’ training camp. So what is it about the L&D program?

Scheduled training: 99% of sailing clubs in Australia schedule training where a coach delivers a training session, some for many years, some very special coaches and some not. One of our special coaches is Dave Mann who says he spends a big portion of his time undoing technical problems, very frustrating.
MBSC Learning and Development: Coaches are coordinated and collaborate in the development of sailors in a program that is constantly updated. Sailors don’t race until they learn to sail properly, they cannot progress to the next level until they are accredited and demonstrate tacking1capability. Sailors are taught problem solving skills from an early age and classes are run in a way that encourages experimentation. Coaches do not have to fix repetitive technical problems that creep into the fleet ie last Friday we had tacking problems in the Bic fleet so the coaches rotated to review the way we teach, a form of early intervention. Elite coaches regularly introduce a new technique that they have seen at the Olympic level, a methodology is developed and the curriculum notes are updated and recorded on-line. These ideas are example of continuous and structural improvement. In time MBSC we can introduce our own standards of Excellence which may be a world first.

What’s in it for sailors: L&D is not focused on medals it is about learning. Some sailors are driven to win but few will enjoy the privilege, however all sailors want to improve. L&D is designed to teach something new each lesson and young sailors can become very absorbed in that over many years. Over time these sailors will become more capable than their “scheduled training” rivals at other clubs.

This is what happened with Shelley and Fremantle Sailing Clubs L&D programs. Fremantle recently awarded 10 individually numbered watches to its World Champions produced at the club since 2010. Caitlin Elks has number 1. A truly astonishing result by any standard.
Coaches: MBSC wants that same L&D culture and performance, but we want to succeed in skiff classes. MBSC also strives to be the employer of choice, L&D has attracted arguably the best coaches anywhere. Two of these coaches are donating their own time.

  • Denis Jones a successful Olympic medal winning Coach
  • Matt Jahn coached the Indian 49er team last year
  • Ryan Palk ranked # 2 Laser sailor in the World 2013
  • Caitlin Elks ranked # 4 49er FX in the World 2014

A key to success is with our volunteers: the heart and soul of the club, thanks everyone.