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What is happening at MBSC is transformational, the L&D program is under way, participation in the program has exceeded expectations, kids aged 7-10 are joining the Starter Squad in numbers. By Christmas new sailors will be thinking about their first boat. The BIC fleet is proving very popular, the Muddy offers a tried and tested single handed alternative, Flying Ants are a very special two handed option for later on. The Mudlark, BIC and Ant will be the foundation classes for 29er and 49er, all part of the L&D Program.

The L&D program recognised that there were differences in the way sailors had been taught, posture, sail and rudder control were incorrect and coaches took an opportunity to set a new standard. Sailors would be taught best-practice, for those already in the system incorrect technique would have to be unlearned, no smaller imposition. Congratulations to everyone involved, this kind of change is an example of how the L&D program improves, how elite sailing technique can transfer back through the system. Making this a routine is a next big step.

The 29er will join the program at the earliest opportunity, the 49er after that. The 29er/49er program will include a fresh new approach to sailing development that will organise the sailor, challenge their thinking, improve and prepare them for events.

We want the L&D program to be a glue that keeps sailors motivated and active.

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