Update dated  1 April for Next Sunday 7th April.
It will be important to be there for the briefing at 1:00.

Plan is to sail close to shore on the north side of Pelican Point, so good for spectators on the beach or maybe on boats.

SLALOM will be a course defined on the day but similar to a M course as per standard and in SI’s (Total 6 Races)

FREESTYLE  is going to be an expression session in groups (~ 5 minutes)

Below are the groupings.  Points are used from Slalom and Marathon for the overall State results as per Sailing Instructions.

We hope to have an on water umpire who will be enforcing rules to keep everyone safe and NO board damage on our nice new boards.
For Windsurfing Rules applicable in general but definitely in Slalom Rules please have a read of:


Main points are 

  • Port and Starboard
  • Tacking board must keep clear after passing head to wind and until sailing
  • Overlap at marks must occur before the first boat starts to maneuver to round the mark. (No barging in late)
  • Avoiding contact – Basically, even if you are in the right , you must still avoid contact.

There is No redress on an umpires call

For any others infringements, boards will be called to the start boat, each gets a 30 second say then a decision is made – no redress.