Project Description

FINAL EVENT – Marathon

This Saturday 13 April 2019  2:00 start

Entry Form


  • Sun 17 Feb 3-4 Races
  • Sat 9  Slalom and Freestyle Fun Session
  • Sun 10 Mar 3-4 Races
  • Sun 7 April (Provision for re-sail)
  • Sat 13 April – Marathon

Location: Mounts Bay Sailing Club

Entry Fee (Due by Thursday 14 Feb)

Competitor Entry Fees ($AUD)
Category A –  Over 20 years $ 60
Category B – MBSC Members  $ 0
Category C –  Under 20 years $ 30
(MBSC Entry Fee is included in Club Membership)

Entry and Race Documents


Windsurfer Class boards including Windsurfer LT, Windsurfer One Design and Original Windsurfers using class supplied and approved equipment.

All competitors must:
Be paid up members of the Windsurfer Class Association of Australia (WCAA)
You can check if you are a current member of the WCAA here

You can join the WCAA here including taking the required insurance as detailed below here
Have current Australian Windsurfing Association (AWA) 3rd party liability insurance either through WCAA membership with insurance or membership of Windsurfing New South Wales (WNSW) or another affiliated Australian Windsurfing Association (AWA) state or club-based organisation.

You can check the AWA register here
Have a unique sail number, displayed in accordance with the Windsurfer Class Rules

Joining Mounts Bay

Membership Details

Although not required for this championship, membership allows the use of the clubs facilities year round and includes Yachting Australia membership with Personal Accident Insurance.

Joining helps fund the various tasks required to make the club function but more importantly creates a community where everyone helps each other.

Joining Mounts Bay

Back to the Future

2018 marked the next evolution in the Windsurfer journey with the adoption of the new ‘LT’ board.

A modern update featuring a lightweight epoxy hull with enhanced volume, the LT delivers improved performance whilst supporting inexpensive one design racing, where the emphasis is on skill and tactics rather than equipment.

Now with surging interest in Australia and globally, the next generation of Windsurfer maintains the ideals and traditions of the sailboarding pioneers – to provide a fun and inclusive platform for fair and friendly competition.

Also Up to date Forum on Seabreeze at–Racing-at-Mounts-Bay-Sailing-Club?page=1#18

All Ages from 13 up.  Typically sailed between 50-100kg

The Windsurfer primary focus is on having fun.
Whether you are learning, cruising or wanting to race the Windsurfer is the perfect platform.

Without a rudder the Windsurfer is also a fantastic tool for teaching “feel” in general sailing for the competitive sailor

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